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Auto Body Repair

Battman Cop Car

Battman Collision Repair

Battman Collision Repair is a locally owned and operated auto body shop in Sand Springs, OK.

Our talented team of auto body experts takes care of a huge range of vehicles that require minor repair works through to comprehensive collision repairs.

We focus on delivering high-quality repair services at affordable prices through a team of friendly professionals. 

Best of the Best Sand Springs “I just got into a collision. What should I do?”

After a car accident, one of the last things you want to deal with is body repair. How much will it cost? How long before I get my car back? All you want is for your car to be repaired so you can be back on the road again. Knowing how auto body repair process works, however, can help put your mind at ease. While the specifics might be different, these are generally the steps taken to return your vehicle to working order. Sand Springs Body Shop>>

Auto Body Estimates

Firstly, auto body repair begins with the estimate. This is determined by an inspection which assesses the damages to estimate how much the repairs will cost. After inspection, the auto body shop documents the results, takes photos of the damage, and tells the information they have gathered to the customer. Then, the information is put into a computer which can create an estimate based on the inspection.

Tear Down

The insurance company will usually ask for the vehicle to be disassembled to make sure the damage is not a total loss. This process is known as the “tear down” phase. If the damage does not affect the vehicle’s drivability, then disassembly will be unnecessary. Once the estimate and disassembly phases are complete, then the auto repair shop can order the necessary parts to begin the repairing process.

Automotive Repair

Once the parts for repair have arrived, the body shop can get started on the automotive repair. Using state-of-the-art technology, the body shop can analyze the vehicle so, when they repair it, they can return it to its factory specifications. First, if internal damages were discovered during the disassembly process, they will repair the vehicle’s structure. Then, if suspension and wheel alignment were affected by the damage, the body shop will fix these next. When the vehicle is structurally sound again, they can start working on the body. Once they have repaired the body, they will begin to paint it. The body shop then sands the body and applies primer. From there, they will apply the base coat, and cover it with a clear protective finish. Then, they will polish the body until it looks as good as new. Finally, the body shop reassembles the vehicle and tests it to make sure all the parts are functioning as they should.

Vehicle Detailing

Detailing is when the body shop thoroughly cleans the vehicle inside and out. After washing the outside and cleaning up the interior, they will buff the body paint. As a safety precaution, they will double check the vehicle’s functions, and usually take it for a test drive. After all of this is done, the vehicle is ready for the customer.

Final Inspection

Lastly, the auto repair shop will explain the repairs to the customer, and discuss the final price. Oftentimes this means they will provide the customer with an itemized list of everything that went into the repairs. Then, after the customer and one of the shop workers inspect the vehicle together, the customer will receive the keys. Sand Springs Body Shop>>


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