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Fixing A Dent

Battman Cop Car

Battman Collision Repair

Battman Collision Repair is a locally owned and operated auto body shop in Sand Springs, OK.

Our talented team of auto body experts takes care of a huge range of vehicles that require minor repair works through to comprehensive collision repairs.

We focus on delivering high-quality repair services at affordable prices through a team of friendly professionals. 

No matter how careful you are with your car or truck, sometimes a dent is unavoidable.

They are just one of the certainties of life. Once you have a dent, though, you have to start thinking about how you will fix it. If the damage is minimal, then you might be able to do it yourself.

There are a few tricks to popping out a dent without damaging your vehicle’s paint, and you can do it with supplies you have around your home.

Be sure to first check what material your vehicle’s body is made of, because sometimes make these methods more difficult.

Once you know what you are working with, though, these methods will make fixing a dent easy. Body Shop Sand Springs>>

Fix a Dent with a Plunger

With this trick, you can fix a dent with a plunger and some hot water. You probably have a cup plunger in your house for unclogging the sink. To start, you will need to pour the hot water over the dent and plunger, and then stick it on the dent. This will create suction. Next, begin pushing and pulling on the dent, and eventually it should pop back into place. Bear in mind, this will only work with smaller dents. If it is not working, try using more water until you achieve suction. If this does not work, the dent is too big. Dent Repair Near Me>>

Fix a Dent with Boiling Water

What if the dent is in your bumper, how do you push the dent back into place? If your bumper is made with plastic, the plastic is going to be incredibly stiff, and popping out the dent can make for an arduous job. However, if you have a pot, stove, and water, you can make this task far easier. First, bring the water to a boil on your stove. Then pour it over the plastic bumper, and immediately begin popping the dent into place. The boiling water will slightly soften the plastic, making it more flexible and easier to work with. You will need to work as fast as you can, because the water will not keep the bumper hot for long. If you cannot get it to work the first time, you can repeat the process until the dent is repaired.

Tools to Fix a Dent

Sometimes, the job cannot be done with supplies around your house alone, and a tool is necessary. Fortunately, if you are willing to spend some money, there are many tools to fix a dent without scratching your paint. You will need to do some research to see which ones will work with your vehicle and the size of your dent. Once you do, however, then you should be able to solve the problem quickly.

Book an Appointment with an Auto Body Repair Shop Sand Springs

If no tool or home remedy can fix the dent, then you can book an appointment with an auto body repair shop. Battman Collision Repair uses techniques to repair a dent without damaging the paint, which will save you time and money. We work quickly, dependably, and provide unparalleled results. Sand Springs Body Shop>>

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