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Battman Cop Car

Battman Collision Repair

Battman Collision Repair is a locally owned and operated auto body shop in Sand Springs, OK.

Our talented team of auto body experts takes care of a huge range of vehicles that require minor repair works through to comprehensive collision repairs.

We focus on delivering high-quality repair services at affordable prices through a team of friendly professionals. 

blue bike tank If you want your vehicle to look unique, and have a personalized appearance, then you should consider pinstriping. Our experienced painters can add pinstripes to your vehicle quickly, and to your specifications. If you are having trouble deciding how to design it, our graphic design technicians will be glad to help you find an option which works for you.

What is Pinstriping?

Pinstriping is when a graphic design technician adds a thin, decorative decal to your vehicle called a “pinstripe.” There are several techniques for applying pinstriping, depending on the kind of pinstripe you choose for your vehicle. This, however, depends on which auto body repair shop you take your vehicle.

Why Should I Choose Pinstriping?

Pinstriping will accentuate the curves on your vehicle’s surface, and often are designed to compliment the color of the vehicle. Additionally, if your car is scratched or blemished in any way, you probably want to cover up the damage. In this situation, pinstriping can cover up the flaws. One of the greatest benefits of pinstriping, though, is you can design it however you want. Whether you want a simple line or two for an accent, or a far more ornate design, our specialists can do it.

Types of Pinstriping

You usually should have some options of how you have the pinstripe applied. There are two main ways:

Pinstriping Tape

Pinstriping tape comes in several varieties, including vinyl and reflective tape. Either way, pinstriping tape can stick to basically every kind of vehicle exterior (such as metal, plastic, and fiberglass), and is durable enough to last even in harsh, rainy conditions. It comes in multiple sizes, so the pinstripes can be as thin or thick as you need them to be. Furthermore, it can last up to a decade before it needs replacement, is resistant to UV rays, and you’ll have many colors to choose from. The advantage pinstriping tape has over paint is the ease of removal compared to painted pinstripes. This means that if you want to change up the design more often, pinstripe tape will allow you to do so. If pinstriping tape is what you are looking for, then contact a Tulsa auto body shop to learn about your options.

Pinstripe Painting

Custom Tank Instead of tape, you can opt for painted pinstripes. While this is more costly, painted pinstripes tend to have greater longevity than pinstripe tape, in some cases not ever needing to be touched up or redone. In addition, using paint allows for far more customization for designs, and, like the tape, this paint comes in a variety of colors. While there will need to be some preparation work done, the paint can be directly applied to the clear coating of the vehicle. There are several ways this can be applied. Some auto body shops use a machine to guarantee precision. Other times, it is done completely by hand by highly skilled painters. If you decide that you need pinstriping on your vehicle, contact a Tulsa auto body repair shop near you, and see if they offer it. Pinstripe Painters Tulsa>>  

Pinstriping Tulsa

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