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tips for choosing an auto body repair shop battmann auto repair sand springs ok

Tips for Choosing an Auto Body Repair Shop

Battman Cop Car

Battman Collision Repair

Battman Collision Repair is a locally owned and operated auto body shop in Sand Springs, OK.

Our talented team of auto body experts takes care of a huge range of vehicles that require minor repair works through to comprehensive collision repairs.

We focus on delivering high-quality repair services at affordable prices through a team of friendly professionals. 

What to Look For in a Local Body Shop:

Whether you’re looking for custom pin-striping or a full restoration of your prized car, a professional auto body shop will make all the difference in how your car looks when it’s done. Instead of just trusting the first shop you come across when you search for a Tulsa auto body repair shop, look deeper. Find a shop that you can trust with your vehicle. 

Where is the shop located and when is it open?

If you’re having extensive work done on your car, you may want to check in with the shop periodically. Make sure the shop is conveniently located and open when you’re available. You want to be able to count on this shop being available if you need more work done.

What type of customer service is available?

When you walk into the shop, you should expect to be welcomed and have your problems addressed. You want prompt attention. A good body shop will have someone available to help you. Ask plenty of questions about the services you need done. Listen to answers and read between the lines. You know when a person is trying to gloss over information and when they are truly trying to give you good answers. Trust your gut.

What is the shop’s reputation?

Look for professional certifications. Pay attention to the shop’s local reputation. Check the Better Business Bureau. Ask if the shop has local customers you can talk to. Know a little about the history of the shop. How long have they been in business? A new shop isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but longevity in the industry counts. Use the internet to get a feel for the business.

Does the shop offer warranties?

The work you’re having done may dictate what type of warranty you are offered, so don’t discount a shop if you don’t get a warranty. However, you should get that information up front to know what you’re dealing with.

What types of materials are used in the repair or restoration?

Check the quality of the paint. If parts are needed, ask about how those parts will be sourced. If OEM parts aren’t available, how do they choose aftermarket parts? Or if OEM parts are very expensive, are there aftermarket parts that could keep your repairs more affordable?

Will the shop work with your insurance company?

Unless you’ve been in accident, this may not matter to you, but if you’re working with an insurance company, it will be important. Who makes the decisions about the work that is to be done, you or the insurance company? Check the policies of the shop to make sure you’re on the same page.

What services are offered?

The more services your shop offers, the more equipped they are to take care of all of your auto body needs, from repairs to finishing. Look great on the road when you get dent repair, bumper repair or pin-striping from Battman Collision Repair. We’ve been serving the Tulsa area since 1995.

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