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  • Bird Droppings
  • Splattered Bugs
  • Sunlight
  • Tree Droppings
  • Coffee or Soda

Buffing a carThe first thing most people notice about your car is the paint job. When your car is new, or at least new to you, the paint probably looks immaculate and glossy. But over time, there are many factors than can make your car look dull and faded. While you

Bird Droppings

There’s a superstition that it’s good luck to have a bird poop on you or your car. It’s a good thing, because you’ll need riches to take care of the damage from bird droppings. You don’t even have to park your car beneath a tree to experience bird droppings. You can be driving and get hit. Bird droppings are extremely acidic. It can also contain grit and seeds. Leaving this material on your vehicle can damage the paint job and scratch your car. Use a microfiber cloth that has been wetted with a cleansing agent to wipe away the droppings.

Splattered Bugs

Summer in Sand Springs, Oklahoma is prime time for bug guts on your car. Although most people would prefer dead bugs over live ones, the carcasses of their little bodies are very acidic, which can damage your paint job. You might need more than a car wash to get them off your vehicle. Use a microfiber cloth and bug cleaner (WD-40 works good) to wipe them off your paint. If one of the splats doesn’t come off, apply cleaning product, cover it with the cloth and let it sit for a minute or two. Wash your car as usual. Don’t use an oil-based cleaner on the windshield; it will streak and leave a residue.


The same UV rays that cause your skin burn or age prematurely damage the paint job of your vehicle. You shouldn’t leave your car exposed to direct sunlight each day. If you can’t park your car in the garage or a shady area, try a car cover with UV protection to keep your car from fading.

Tree Droppings

Parking your car under trees leads to another problem that will damage the paint job. The chemicals in the sap will interact with the paint. You should clean it off immediately with a cleaner, such as

Turtle Wax’s Bug and Tar Remover. If the tree sap is difficult to remove, repeat the cleaning process to get all the residue. Use a soft cloth; you don’t want to damage the paint job any more than you need to.

Coffee or Soda

Coffee and soda aren’t good for the paint job. The acid in the beverages can damage the paint surface. If you accidentally spill a drink over the top of your vehicle, wipe off the liquid with a soft cloth. Run your car through the car wash or use soapy water to clean the car to get the residue off.

Get Professional Help

Battman Collision Repair offers custom auto painting in Sand Springs to give your car that pristine finish when it’s looking dull or scratched. Keep your car looking its best, no matter what Mother Nature sends your way.