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Protecting Your Custom Auto Paint Job

Once you’ve gotten a custom paint job on your car or truck, you’ve made a big investment. Even if you have a garage to store your precious vehicle in, when it’s on the road or on display, you are probably wondering how to maintain its look. There are many things which can damage your custom auto paint job or pinstriping details. By knowing what to look for, you can prevent damage and protect your car for years to come.

In this article we’ll cover:

Trees, Sap and Leaves

Actually, trees are a great refuge from the sun. But the sap that leaks on your car’s paint, that’s a different story. Sap that is allowed to stay on your car will corrode the coat of paint. This won’t happen immediately, but you shouldn’t leave sap spots on your car. If the sap is still sticky, you might be able to wash it off with a microfiber cloth and car soap. Make sure to use what was recommended by the paint manufacturer. Some people use WD-40 or rubbing alcohol, but those products could damage a custom paint job. If you want to try, test it on a spot of paint that won’t be seen. We can remove sap safely with professional cleaning agents. Prevent sap damage by using a car cover or not parking near trees that drip sap.

Dirt, Dust and Grime

Your car will get dirty just from the dust in the air. If you do any driving, you’re going to pick up grime and dirt from the road. You need to wash your car regularly. If an acidic substance gets on your car, wash it off ASAP. Have a microfiber cloth and spray bottle in your trunk for those type of emergencies.

UV Rays

You probably know that the sun will damage your skin. Your car’s paint job will fade and bubble if it’s kept in the sun for long periods of time. Park in the garage or under a carport. Use a car cover that offers UV protection if you have no other options. Bonus- your car will be protected from dirt, rain and other elements.

Storage Issues

Your garage offers plenty of risks that can damage your car, especially when you have a custom paint job. If you have a cat who has the run of the garage, their little claws can scratch it up. Oils and chemicals in your garage can damage the paint job if they get on your car. Your kid’s bicycle (or your own) can fall against the paint job and scratch it. An indoor car cover is often a good choice, even if you have storage.

Ask Us About a Touch-Up

A custom auto paint job can give your car new life and make you look great no matter where the road leads. Whether you need a full restoration or just some cosmetic repairs, we can help you keep your car looking its best to maintain its value. We’re a one-stop shop for auto body damage with over 20 years in the Tulsa area.